Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Something to say Happy Birthday

My Aunt brought a bunch of these boxes to my house.  She said that she just could not throw them away because she thought I could do something with them.  They were originally had hand puppets inside them and were lime green with a red bow.  I took all the pieces apart and covered them with birthday paper and then tied my own ribbon on top.  They fit the REALLY large Hersheys bars (5) inside.  This is a great gift for a chocolate lover.

This is an idea that I got while at a craft show from a vendor.  It is Rolo candies wrapped in coordinating paper with a Hersheys Kiss on top.  I wrapped some silver ribbon around the other end making them look like pencils.  This set I made for my mom's boss as a birthday gift.  I also made some with Christmas themed paper then added a gift card inside for my kids teachers.  They are in clear boxes you can get from various websites.

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