Monday, September 5, 2011

Give Away A Day 5 - Couchtime

Do you ever want to spend time with your hubby without the kids interrupting?  Last year my Hubby and I attended a class called Growing Kids Gods Way at a local church .  It was a great class about teaching kids (and parents) so many different things and how to live a life with God in your heart. 
In the class the kids learned that "couch time" meant they were to play quietly without interrupting their parents.  There are a lot of benefits other than the few minutes for mom and dad to talk.  The kids learn to play together quietly, how to respect rules and about nurturing relationships.  We don't have couch time everyday but it's nice to take 10-15 minutes and have grown up time.  
The couch was made using George and Basic Shapes and my Gypsy to weld.  There are 3 separate layers to give the couch dimension.  The first layer is the arms, which is a circle and rectangle, welded.  Then I added a long rectangle between them with a stretched oval on top to create the cushion and the second layer.  For the final layer I stretched the oval and the long rectangle up to create the back of the couch.  I inked all the edges then used pop dots to separate the layers.  You can see them here.
I cut a shadow and put the couch on the shadow to separate it from the background. The background and couch were the same color but a different shade so it was lost without the shadow.  Then I used a pop of color ribbon to tie around the couch because it was too plain for me.
The title is from Opposites Attract I welded the shadow but left the top layer separated.
I dotted the "i" with some bling then added some felt flowers from SU to the top of the page and the couch.  I'm going to put this in a frame that we can put out on the coffee table so the kids know Mom and Dad are not to be interrupted!  (unless there's a fire ...LOL)
I hope this will inspire you to take some time for you and your hubby or for yourself and let the little ones know how important it is to nurture all relationships.

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  1. What a great way to teach kids to play and respect parents talking time. I love your sign.

  2. That's something we don't have much of, unless a football game is on. Yuck. It is a great idea though. Thanks for sharing your card with us.

  3. I linked you to my blog about the Couch time.

  4. What a great idea. I need to remember that one. It is great that you and your husband took the class together and have allowed it to make you even better parents and partners.
    syoung6987 at aol dot com

  5. Gee, we had to lock the door and then maybe get 5 minutes before they were knocking on the door continuously! Nice idea!

  6. I love this couch! So cute! TFS CallyAnn

  7. Cute couch! Yay, for couch time! TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

  8. Love the couch. What a fantastic idea and a great way to teach kids about special times for parents. TFS


  9. This is so cute! I love this card! Thanks so much!

  10. What a great the aching tool. The card is nice too.
    before at gmail dot com

  11. Being able to come up with a couch out of the George and Basic Shapes cartridge? IMPRESSIVE!!! I NEVER would have thought of that but it works beautifully!!!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  12. Boy, do I ever need couchtime!!! Your couch is AWESOME! Totally look like a professional cut. I love the houndstooth as well!

  13. the couch is a great cut and thats a very good thing to teach kids.

  14. What a great idea! We all need a little couch time. TFS