Friday, August 5, 2011

My First Pasta

I LOVE THIS PAGE!  My son always has and still loved his pasta.  He is a little less messy now that he is 7 years old.  (yes, I'm behind). 
I used From my Kitchen and a couple of other cartridges for this LO.
The paper was perfect.  It is kind of a muted orange just like the sauce that was all over the place.
I used the backside of the paper to make a frame and pulled the other colors in the LO from the little stars.  I didn't want everything to be orange.  The sign was cut in Baja Breeze and Red Rose.
The pasta bowl was cut from Blue Bayou.  I knew that I wanted to have something that looked like pasta in the bowl and hanging from the fork.  Some people suggested string but it was not quite thick enough.  I tried to use some cream colored hot glue but it melted too much and instead of being stringy it just all melted together.  My friend Irene had this yarn that was a little thinner that regular yarn and a little different texture.  I like the way this looked much better than compared to the other options I tried.  I really like how the fork looks...almost makes me hungry!
I cut these tabs to spell messy and attached them to one of the photos.
Here is a little better view. 

Now for something else....My one year Blog Birthiversary is fast approaching September 1st.
Stay tuned for some fun!!!!


  1. Love that string as pasta. Looks perfect. Love the colours and papers you chose too.

  2. The strings are so great. I love messy eating photos. Wonderful

  3. OH wow, that is THE cutest page!! I can't believe how real you made the pasta noodles look with the yarn! Awesome!!!

    Amy E.

  4. Love the spaghetti you made!! What a fun LO!!