Friday, March 25, 2011

Storage for Ribbon, Twine and Threads

As promised..this is how I store all of (correction, some of ) my ribbon, twine and fibers.
I especially use it to keep smaller pieces of ribbon and ....  The first picture is the tool.  I don't know what it's called but we have nick named it "the rick roller".  I don't know how or why but it just stuck.  I roll the pieces of ribbon then secure them with small sewing pins so they won't unroll.
For fibers like twine, threads and yard I use these small cards and wind the fiber around and secure it in a small slit that is cut along one side.
Then I put them in these divided storage containers that I picked up at Michael's  I group a few colors together so I don't need to have one for each color not that I couldn't fill them.  :)
Finally I used my Brother label maker and labeled each container with the colors.  The stack really nicely on the shelf and are easy to access. 
I store all my larger rolls of ribbon in a drawer but this works great for the small stuff that will still work for a card but might not be enough for a 12x12 layout.  Hope this helps you get organized!
Have a great Friday!

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