Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding "cake"

My cousin was married a while back and this was my gift to the newlyweds.  It is a cake made of ...paper! 
 I saw one from Stampin' Up that was done in all pink but made some changes to mine other than just the colors.  The top layer of my "cake" came off to reveal a slot about 2.5 inches long.  It was perfect for holding a gift card for the couple.
I made the roses by cutting a circle about 4" from the outside edge to the center similar to a cinnamon roll.  Then starting on the outer part of the circle I used my quilling tool and wound the paper until I reached the center of the circle.  I secured it with a glue dot to the bottom of the flower..this keeps the flower together very nicely.  I wrapped the bottom layer in white satin ribbon then used my sewing machine to fold over and sew the red ribbon to finish the bottom later.  Kind of reminds me of real cake frosting.
For the middle layer I used small 1/8" strips of paper and quilled them in to these super cute and delicate looking little flowers for the edge of the second layer.  I took some extra strips and draped them around the middle layer to fill in some of the white.  The little yellow balls are actually sewing pins and matched the accent yellow the bride chose for the wedding. 
 For the top layer I used the same little delicate flowers but added a pin in the center of each one.  This surrounded a large rose in the center of the cake.  I punched several different sized hearts and again used the sewing pins to attach them.  On the inside I used foam disks but the top later had to be hollow so the gift card would fit under it.  The foam disk in the top layer was about an inch thick and the pins helped make it a little stronger since it was going to be taken on and off.  I embossed the sides of the top layer to add some texture.
Everyone thought this was really cute!

This would also be a great idea for a birthday gift!  Especially if you plan on getting a gift card or a small something that would fit under the top layer.
Have FUN until next time! 


  1. LOVE this cake!!! What an inspiring idea!

    Please hop over to my blog and pick up your award!! Congrats!